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The Organ

I have for sale single issues, bound annual volumes and complete runs of The Organ going back to Issue No 1 (1921) and Volume 1 (1921-22). Please enquire for prices.

Betty Matthews compiled several indexes to the early years of The Organ but these are now hard to find.

As a finding aid for articles on organs and authors I have scanned in the contents list of the first 20 volumes of The Organ starting from Volume 1 (1921-22) and this is available as a PDF file which can be searched for any term, name or location and can be found here.

Each volume is made up of four issues which straddle calendar years, thus, Volume 1 is made up of July 1921 (pages 1-61), October 1921 (pages 62-128), January 1922 (pages 129-192) and April 1922 (pages 193-255). The number of pages in each issue in the various volumes varies somewhat but is somewhere between 50 and 65 pages). I will be putting together a list of issue and page numbers - but not yet!

As time permits I will extend the contents listings into the 21st century.